Elvington Out of School Club

Call us: 07790 480229    Email us: info@elvingtonoutofschool.co.uk


We provide children with a relaxed environment where they can freely choose toys and activities. This includes a wide range of activities suitable for all of our age groups:

  • We encourage creativity and fun with art, craft, modelling, construction and role playing toys.
  • We also support children’s literacy and numeracy with a range of games, puzzles, quizzes, books and art.
  • We provide a quiet and homework corner for children and access to outdoor areas under supervision.
  • Our activities have weekly themes to encourage and support children’s engagement with history, culture and the environment.
  • We also promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging and offering children the opportunity to join in many sports and physical activities.
  • A café style service is offered for children to have a healthy snack, encouraging children to be independent and giving them freedom to enjoy their time after school with their friends.